Momosum's potion

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Did you love or hate Momosum in my last short story? Think he got what he deserved? Does it ever go right for him? Want more?

Momosum's potion by Jane Snookes

“I am brilliant! A potion to let me control human minds,” cackled Momosum, swirling the bubbling, psychedelic liquid round the test tube. Its glow was a stark contrast to the dingy darkness of the tiny laboratory.

“Out of my way, Cat” Momosum kicked the howling fluffball against the wall.

“One more drop...”


The liquid settled to blue. Momosum smirked before swallowing the lot and belching. But instead of becoming psychic, he shrunk to the size of a mouse. He squealed furiously.

Movement caught his eye but he saw the cat too late. Sniggering, it smacked him across the room.

(Picture by Ella Snookes)

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