"The Unexpected Quantor is a captivating story that inspires the imagination. It is beautifully descriptive yet simplistic allowing the reader to form a vivid picture of the characters and places in the story. The Quantors having a creative talent which, once lost, cause them to lose their abilities reflects the importance of letting creativity flourish in young children and help shape you as an individual.  The characters are relatable, each charming in their own way.  A great children's book to encourage sharing creativity and imagination.  The Elequai and Quantors have great potential for more tales."

"I really enjoyed 'The Unexpected Quantor' and felt the language was easy to understand and that it was aimed at the right age group. It kept me interested and wanting to read more. I liked the length, I thought it wasn't too long and wasn't too short. I liked the way things, people and the scenes were described.  It really helped me to visualise the picture.  There wasn't anything I didn't like about it."

"I found The Unexpected Quantor very interesting and cool.  It was easy to follow and the topic was something I am very interested in. When I read it I don't want to stop I just have to as mum makes me go to school or bed"

Abi, aged 11

Leah Case, avid reader and nurse

Ellen Martin,

aged 12

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